Friday, July 31, 2009


Hello hello.. It's been so loooonngg since i last updated my blog.. I've got back from Nizhny since a month ago on the 25th June.. Time flies really.. Today it's already the last day of July.. One more month left before flying back to Nizhny.. *-* How i wish i can just stop the time and enjoy the holidays FOREVER!!! *evil grin*

Went for an east-coast trip with my family last week.. Really miss the sea, the different beaches, and the different kinds of food.. Updates will be coming up really soon.. Most of the pictures are with my sister, who is now in KL, so i'll post the pictures taken during the trip once i get them from her..

After the trip, I've done practically nothing except lazying around.. What to do, without transportation plus i have super phobia driving, so even if i have a car (which i don't), i can't go anywhere but to spend my time at home, online-ing and watching lotsa movies and series, while waiting for my parents to come home from work in the evening.. And can only go out on weekends when my parents have days off.. Really UNPRODUCTIVE and UNEVENTFUL, but still, it's SUMMER BREAK!!! It means i'm supposed to rest as much as i want, read as many books (not medical) as i can afford it, right.. Guess i was so used to a hectic life for the past ten months that i feel uneasy with myself being so useless and lazy, hehe.. ^.^