Sunday, November 29, 2009

What to do if people treat you like trash ?!!

One thing I learned during these past few weeks was that, it's too silly of me to always think that people would be nice to me if I was nice to them. Reality check - there are so many individuals out there that just don't work that way...

I've had enough of trying to de-code everyone's behaviour. For me, in order to find peace, I always wanted to really understand people's thoughts and actions. But now that I think about it, I never found any answers and even if I did, they were simply answers which I assumed and knew would make me feel better. I think it's now time for me to let go of 'understanding' others...

What else could I do, but to accept them for who they are. I'VE GOT TO TOUGHEN UP instead of wasting my time by questioning it and spending countless nights asking why when someone is bitchy...

Everyone is different, so why should I even bother trying to understand? Why not make life much more easier, and just let them be. Just think, well.. that's the way it is and so be it.

I should be grateful to people who have mistreated me as i learned to be stronger and to not take life for granted.. With my loved ones standing by my side, i shall lead a happy and carefree life and nobody can ever bring me down!


  1. My dear Yun,

    This is a phase in life that one has to go through. It will pass, believe me.

    Whenever in doubt,
    Be calm and think thoughts through,
    For harsh words uttered cannot be taken back,
    Life comes with the good and bad,
    Good friends are hard to find,
    Just accept them as they are,
    and you will find in each friend, a goldmine..

    Grow, be strong and be happy...........

    Hugs & kisses,

  2. Thanks mom, I'll be strong, just like you are. So don't worry bout me. Exams are so close now, I've gotta get focused. Shall not let these people get to me, ever again. Missing you all at home. ♡