Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It was in the rain
That I saw my eyes
Fall away from me
And I lost my sight.

It was in that downpour
That my words hollowed out
I was left silent, but aching
My lungs filled with a drought.

Under the barrage of bullets
Wet, but aching to the skin
All my thoughts left me
So rain took over within.

I cried out, “LET IT STOP”
As it weighed down my body
All hope washed away
Dreams swam far from me.

Vulnerable and bare
Under a street light I drowned
Till the rays of the dawn
Began to bring me around.

I stood shivering and cold
Before the glare of the sun.
All mistakes and all triumphs
Erased and undone.

Below me lay the wreckage
Of my life washed away
So I set off, bewildered
And I began to reclaim.

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