Tuesday, March 17, 2009

pancake day!

We finally made the russian pancakes yesterday! It wasn't our first time though.. We made once while we were in the first year in conjunction with Shrovetide, upon the request of our russian language teacher. That time, we made the real TRADITIONAL pancakes with flour, milk, eggs, yeast, butter etc while this time we're using only the premixed one cause it's really convenient and we didn't have much time. We had only 2 hours before our russian language class..

The history of russian pancakes dates back to the 9th century. There are small thick ones called oladyi and big round ones called bliny. We made 2 kinds of bliny yesterday. One's with banana and chocolate, and the other, with mushrooms and cheese..

Sarah & Anitha
getting ready with the ingredients

premixed pancake packet in box with all the needed ingredients already neatly combined in a tidy little package

all we had to do was just adding water to the premixed flour

stirring the pancake batter

cutting the banana into slices

almost done with the batter

"with proud expression"

we were then ready to start cooking
heated up a little oil in the pans
added the batter mix when the oil was hot

fried the pancakes until they're brown on one side

then flipped the pancakes over to the other side

when the pancakes were brown on both sides
we added mushrooms and cheese to one of the pancakes as it was cooking

put thin slices of ripe banana on another cooked pancake

lastly we just needed to fold the pancakes twice
pancakes were ready to be served!

Tiraj was enjoying the pancakes!



  1. FUYOO~~~ I WANT!!!!!

  2. Oiishii des neh... Do make some for us when u are home this summer, ok?

  3. to jackie: no prob! just wait for 3 more months then i'll make for you.. you can add whatever toppings you want! ^.^

    to jo: sure! know what? there're so many recipes that i wanna try at home, and pancakes will be one of them! can't wait to go back home! ^.^