Monday, April 20, 2009

neuro rocks my world

Hello hello!
Finally some time to breathe.. Today, the 20th of April, is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, and so we have a day off, and most probably tomorrow too.. Sorry for being a lil slow (alright, extremely slow) with updates and all.. I've been really busy and there's just no time to really sit down and post a blog entry.. I've immersed myself in the 'exciting world' of neurology, studying the brain and nervous system.. It's not as easy as it sounds though.. At times I find this subject daunting and stressing me out as there's just so much to study and memorise, but still i do enjoy what i'm learning..

Okie that's it for now, gotta get back to neurology ^.^


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  1. No doubt it's the most interesting subject to learn, but it is quite hard to study. Hehe, Gambate dear, u can make it! And I will always be there for u ya. With Love...