Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's been a while...

After four months of cold winter, the sun is finally out, beating the drum of spring.. The snow and ice have started melting away, soon the plants will be springing back to life and turning green again! I’m looking forward to doing some outdoor activities that I have strayed away from for months!

this picture was taken during a bus ride after class

scenery captured from 15th floor of the hospital no 13

The past 4 weeks had been dedicated entirely to internal medicine rotation, pretty much a hectic one, and I’m completely drained off my energy.. Been so busy with preparing for classes, clerking patients and writing case reports that I lost track of time completely.. Before I realized it’s already April.. Time flies indeed..

I’m so grateful to have Maria Lvovna as our mentor this semester..I do salute her.. No doubt she’s strict but thanks to her I have a better understanding of the natural history of diseases and the development, and there’s definitely improvement in putting diagnosis, and also ECG readings which is so essential in analyzing cardiovascular diseases.

It’s neurology rotation starting tomorrow, which will be for another 2 weeks and plus. Frankly, I’m pretty excited about it for it has always been a field of interest to me.. Guess I’ll have to work even harder for this upcoming rotation as it’s a really challenging subject. Just hope I’ll be able to cope with it, and even master it! ^.^


  1. heylo....
    i'm sure you will be able to cope it!!! no matter how hard/difficult it is....
    +oil... ^.^

  2. haloo~
    haha, thanks a lot!!!
    with your support, i think i'll manage...
    u add oil too...
    miss u ^.^

  3. The whether still changing, with today sunny, tmr snowing! Sigh! I wonder when this going to end! BTW, great pictures! I like all of them! Gambate!Love you, hehe...

  4. ya lor.. it snowed again yesterday.. but at least it's getting warmer now, right? hehe..
    thanks by the way.. love you too ♥