Tuesday, April 21, 2009

snow falling in spring

Hi all, it's tuesday and i'm still on holiday! And know what? I woke up this morning to a sky full of snow! It's been snowing ever since.. Can you believe it? It's already the 21th of April and still snowing.. It feels like it's never going to stop..

The winters here are odd.. I'm not enjoying the world coming to a stand still and i can't wait for spring to come.. I must admit, HOWEVER, i love winter and i still do.. Winter is the time of year i make steamboat, hot soups and all the comfort foods that are too hot to mess with during the summer months. I love to have a good cup of hot chocolate and sit by my window watching the snowfall. The trees would be covered in snow and ice with white frosting that turns the entire neighbourhood into a fairyland.. The city dresses up in its winter finery and the view and atmosphere are wonderful! Besides, it's the season of 'white christmas' and new year.. I enjoy the festivities and warmth of the season.. ^.^

There are many ways to enjoy the winter even though one may not like the cold. This is the time to wear cosy warm sweaters and things that don't work in summer. I love my sweaters and warm socks and fuzzy slippers (i would love the warm fire in the fireplace but too bad we don't have it here).. I love the quietness and magic of snow falling at night.. Most importantly, my very favourite time - snuggling under a blanket with zhi watching a movie on friday night.. ❤

See, how can i not adore winter? ^.^

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