Sunday, January 25, 2009

counting down the days…

3 days.. Just 3 more days and I’ll be off to my dreamland, Italy.. It’s indeed a dream comes true.. Despite the fact that today is CHINESE NEW YEAR EVE, my mind seems to be preoccupied with my forthcoming trip to Italy.. I took my hygiene exam on the 15th. Since then, I’ve been rightfully enjoying my winter break with total abstinence from exam stress.. Cleaning up and working out.. Sorting through and running around..

Having the presumption that my long-awaited trip’s weeks away, I kind of lost track of time.. Took a glance at my calendar this morning, it was only then I realized that I’ll be heading to Italy this coming Thursday!!! I’m absolutely longing for Italy..

For the past ten days I’ve been doing my homework, planning my dream trip.. I did some reading and was looking for every possible information I could get so as to plan a perfect trip for both zhi and i..

With a map of the destination spread out before me, flanked by travel guide, checklists, and flight itinerary, it is impossible to not feel the thrill.. ^.^


  1. yoo!!! ITALY... lovely country~~~
    buy chocolate!!!!! if can... hahaha~~~ yeah!!!

  2. sure!!! no problem!!! as you wish~
    hehe ^.^