Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

祝大家农历新年快乐!!! 牛年大吉!!! ^.^

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Moo Chinese New Year!!!

May the year of the ox bring you abundance of good health, good fortune and loving peace..

I haven’t been celebrating Chinese New Year for a couple of years ever since I came to Russia.. Wish I’m home now with my family..
Dad, Mom, Jackie, Luckie, Happy New Year! I love you and miss you all at home so much!!! ♥


  1. Happy Moo New Year too you too,hehe... and hope we can enjoy the rest of the CNY here...The pics are so lovely,hehe...I like them so much!

  2. happy moo year!!!

  3. thanks! haha~
    happy moo year to you too ^.^