Friday, January 2, 2009

"omg!!!" this is the first word that comes to my mind as i'm writing.. as for the past 23 years, i never thought of writing a BLOG.. i always thought that i can never write.. i was a copycat, an editor, but never a writer..

but here i am now, writing my very first blog..
why now? cause i was inspired by bloggers around me, esp my sis and zhi.. i always admire bloggers, and i just hope i can be like them, writing down things that are worth remembering, things that make me laugh and cry, and sharing my thoughts with people who'll read my blog..

so let me introduce myself..
i'm a medical student studying in NNSMA (kinda old-fashioned huh?)
i'm a perfectionist.. (shh.. most people actually think that perfectionists are losers..)
i'm a dog-person..
i'm a neat freak..
erm, what else? nvm.. i think these are enough to describe myself..

oh yeah, i'm now a BLOGGER too! yay.. i'm so excited ^.^

so i think that's all for today.. tata! ^.^


  1. Welcome to blogging world ya,I sure will always support u,With lov...Zhi

  2. heylo!!! you got it !!!!
    I'll also support you ~~~ haha...

  3. to zhi and jackie: thank you for your support!!! hehe ^.^

  4. I'll support you also.
    jia you!!!^^

    btw,inform u tat i put link in my blog.

  5. hi ban chun, thank you for your support too!!!
    gambatte kudasai~ ^.^