Friday, January 16, 2009

with a little faith...

A dog named Faith has had it rough all her life but she eventually learned to walk upright on only two legs. She has demonstrated a remarkable resiliency in overcoming physical abnormalities and serious mobility problems, and has become a source of inspiration to many..

Faith's life was saved at the early age of only four weeks from her guard dog mother who was literally terminating her life because she was unable to battle the other puppies for a place to feed. She was born with only three legs and one of them that was seriously deformed had to be surgically removed when she was seven months old.

Thanks to the care of her adoptive owners Faith managed to survive and grow into an amazing dog. She has adapted and learned to walk and hop by using only her two remaining legs. According to her owners, although it was a very difficult process, it was also natural, using a skateboard to acclimate her to movement and peanut butter as an incentive.

Faith’s owners have started the With Little Faith Foundation and they take Faith on a round-the-world entourage to showcase to the world that one can have a perfect soul without a perfect body..

And yet we think we are the ones going through difficult times!

So, let’s learn to be thankful for everyday and live life to the fullest!!!

Wasn’t sure earlier whether I should post this or not because many of you may have already seen this before. I decided to do it because it’s really a touching story and I’m so glad to see that Faith is loved by everyone.. ^.^
Here's Faith's official website..


  1. pity dog...
    but it's amazing and Faith din't give up its life...

  2. yup.. Faith's a wonderful dog with such a strong willpower, isn't she? even she can do it, why can't we? we indeed have much to learn from her! ^.^

  3. such a sad story, Faith must be a wonderful dog, and very kind hearted too. The owner is very lucky to have a dog like Faith.